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Terms of Use

About this Website (hereafter, "this website") aims to provide information related to osteoarthritis of the knee and is controlled and operated by the Seikagaku Corporation (hereafter, "Seikagaku").

Notes on Use

We politely ask that you carefully read the following notes in regards to usage of this website. Usage of this website constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions.

1. Copyright

All information contained in this website is protected by Japanese Copyright Laws. Downloads are limited to personal, not-for-profit use. Changes to or reproduction of the contents of this website are prohibited. Reproduction and usage of this website for purposes other than those mentioned above are also prohibited.

2. Trademark

The rights to trademarks, service marks, trade names, and designs displayed on this website are protected by Seikagaku. Use of these for purposes other than to identify Seikagaku, Seikagaku products, and Seikagaku services without previously receiving the informed written consent of Seikagaku is prohibited.

3. Liabilities

This website makes every reasonable effort to publish the latest and most accurate information, but there are no guarantees or any kind of liabilities in regards to the accuracy, integrity, and usefulness of this information. Usage of this website constitutes personal agreement to bear all risks associated with use of this website. Accordingly, Seikagaku will not take responsibility for any trouble or direct or indirect injury the user may sustain. Also, we are unable to provide any form of guarantee that accessing this website will not cause computer errors or viruses.

4. Content Changes and Suspensions

The information contained on this website is subject to changes without advance notice and the home page may be shut down without advance notice.

5. Information from the Users

We have no responsibility to reply to information, materials, or inquiries in user emails or other correspondence. Except for applicable information and materials, we are unable to confidentially handle users' personal information, so please exercise restraint in the transmission of confidential information.

6. Medical Information

This website aims to provide general information regarding osteoarthritis of the knee and related ailments. Accordingly, the information provided on this website does not constitute medical advice or a declaration of the efficacy of Seikagaku products. Also, this information is not a substitute for advice or services best performed by physicians, pharmacists, or other health care providers. The medical information provided on this website is subject to editorial supervision of medical specialists as necessary.

7. Links

We ask that you provide advance notice if you would like to post links on this website. Seikagaku takes no responsibility for third-party homepages linked to this website or links on this website to third-party homepages.

8. Treatment of Personal Information

This website treats personal information in conformance with Seikagaku privacy policies published separately.

9. Standard Laws

These "Notes on Use" are based upon, conform with, and to be interpreted by Japanese Law.

System Requirements

We recommend the following system specifications for use of this website. Systems with specifications outside of the recommended system requirements may be unable to use some parts of the website.
*Even with the proper system requirements, security or networking software may interfere with usage of some parts of the website.

Web Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (Windows)
Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher (Windows/Macintosh)
Apple Safari 4.0 or higher (Windows/Macintosh)

Recommended Screen Size

1024x768 pixels or more


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For questions related to the contents of this page, please refer to the Contact Us page.